Monday Munchie’s NOVEMBER Tea Party!

Monday Munchie’s NOVEMBER Tea Party!

Hello everyone, it’s time for November’s Monday Munchie Tea Party! A place to swap ANY links, recipes, baseball cards and Panini stickers. Okay, maybe not the last two, but who knows?!

tea party3

It’s almost Christmas and it’s Thanksgiving even sooner, which means people are becoming busier with preparations and plans. So I’ve included some quick fix treats picked up from the internet for this month’s (smaller) menu requiring minimal effort and time!

Remember, you don’t need to be a food blogger to leave a link, the meet and greet is open to everyone! However, please do your bit to assist the other bloggers too and follow the rules below. Thanks!

  • Leave a link in the comments, either to a favourite post or your main home page.
  • Reblog the post or share via social media (Use the hashtag #MunchieTeaParty)
  • Visit at least one other blog via the links.

If you have any recipes you’d like featuring in future (or to contact me for any other reason!) you can email me at

So let’s get ready to make some new Munchie friends – On with the menu!

  1. Ever made a mug cake? I was alerted to these quick fix pots of deliciousness last year and they’re perfect for if you’re in a hurry, have few ingredients or just want to minimise the risk of eating an entire cake! Here’s a link to ten great ones, including a pumpkin version. Thanksgiving without stress? 😉
  2. I’ve seen a few variations of these knocking around the web but they look so fun (and easy to do with kids) that I had to share. I may even have a mock Thanksgiving just so I can make them!
  3. Continuing the theme of ease and cuteness, these ‘Christmas trees’ are adorable and would make super party snacks for kids and adults!
  4. I like marshamallows. I LOVE sweet potatoes and sandwiches are just a basic human right so this idea intrigues me!
  5. Sweet, salty, savoury. Yummy little morsels!
  6. Michael has been getting his bake on with this easy bread pudding which I must try as it’s slightly different to the British bread and butter pud!
  7. And finally, the time in the oven is long but the prep time is short and it’s so worth it to make your kitchen smell full of Christmas! My slice of Tchaikovsky!

Remember to comment, like, REBLOG and check out each others’ sites – but most of all, enjoy the party!

There will be another Tea Party at the end of December, during that holiday wasteland time of between Christmas and New Year, but as everyone might be fooded-out, it will be a straight up Meet and Greet! (28th December)

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16 thoughts on “Monday Munchie’s NOVEMBER Tea Party!

    1. I’m glad you stopped in for the tea party, although I’d have thought you’d had enough of both tea AND parties following recent events! Have a good Thanksgiving, just read you’re going into holiday shut down – fuzzy umps are definitely a thing. Can I pinch the term for Christmas please? Except, they’ll be festive fuzzy umps! 🙂


  1. Hallo! So it’s Monday,balls-cold, and I’m sitting in my cubicle with my winter coat on but I’m here. I’m Leisel, author, graphic designer (snort), chef, and whatever else of geeky food blog Skill Up Skillet. I can’t pick a favorite recipe of mine anymore; it’s too bloody hard. You can find me at If nothing else, why not enter my blogversary giveaway?

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