Tiny Tales and (Very) Short Stories 3: GREED

Tiny Tales and (Very) Short Stories 3: GREED

Another stab at a six word story, this time hosted by Sometimes Stellar Storyteller, Nicola.

I’ve become quite the fan of creating these little tales, enjoying their brevity and the challenge of conveying a theme succinctly. However, sometimes I don’t have the time to write an entire post for them, despite it only being for six words!

That’s where Nicola’s challenge helps – you can pop your entry in the comments of her post and readers vote on their favourite. I’ve been lucky enough to be in medal position twice now (thanks voters!), coming 3rd, and winning the coveted 1st place. 🙂

This week’s prompt is GREED, so I’m channeling my inner only child! You can also read my past entries below – be sure to check out Nicola’s blog too and read both her work and the other great micro-stories. Why not have a go yourself?


Snatching the lollipop, I left. Mine!

UPDATE: I’m very pleased to announce I won first place with this entry! 😀



Lens focussed, he finally spotted it.




Lifting the hatch, a universe appeared.

The Hole movie image Haley Bennett

Image Credits: teslecopereviewscentral.commoviecitynews.comchowfangirl1.2.deviantart.com and with kind permission from Nicola Auckland.

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7 thoughts on “Tiny Tales and (Very) Short Stories 3: GREED

  1. That picture of the girl with the lollipop cracked me up. If you are going to make that face when refusing to share, I’ll put up with your tight ways for the comedy value alone. x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for entering this week’s challenge. I too love the challenge of brevity. The hardest part is trying to convey both the theme and the plot in six short words. It does make the brain swim a bit!

    I love the inner only child inspiration, as one of five I can tell you that this is also true of keeping what’s yours away from your siblings!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My pleasure and thank you for hosting – I love it!

      I should really try to put more words together and finish the six ‘books’ I’m working on, rather than six words, but hey – procrastination rules!


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