Wednesday Lensday: It’s all Moo-nochrome…

Yes, cheesy title I know, but I couldn’t resist! I’ve been a little busy this week to process further images from our Ireland trip, so I thought I’d share some previously taken a little closer to home.

We’re lucky enough to live near a large area of common pasture land that is home to several herds of cattle. I’m quite a fan of cows (I think it’s their large emotional eyes), especially the shaggy, Highland variety. ‘Our’ cows, which are a mixed bag of Friesians and other dairy types, roam freely, often wandering into town and turning up in unlikely places. Whilst I always think it would be lovely to open the curtains and spot a cow in the garden, it’s probably a good job we live just far enough away for this not to happen – I doubt I’d be happy with crushed plant pots!

IMG_1189 (2)

In addition to the images, I’ve added in a little poetry. It’s actually a Kenning – a collection of words that describe an object, derived from Old Norse and later used strongly in Icelandic and Anglo-Saxon poetry. I love poetry but I’m not great at writing it, so if I’m ever required to create one (it happens more often than you’d think…) I opt for this style. Quite a fun way to get children writing poetry too, or even ask them to guess what’s being described!

Pasture Grazer,
Cud Chewer,
Herd Wanderer,
Hoof Stomper.

Scratch it! (2)

Milk Producer,
Ozone Destroyer,
Meadow Trampler.

IMG_1188 4

Calf Carrier,
Face Licker,*
Rain Predictor?
Solemn Moo-er!

*As a toddler, my mum was left asleep in the car with the window down (it was the 1950s, everyone did it back then!). She woke up to a large cow with its head in the car, licking her face. I don’t think she ever really got over it…

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8 thoughts on “Wednesday Lensday: It’s all Moo-nochrome…

    1. I must admit, that although I like them, I’m never really prepared for how large they are up close! Is it weird that I always begin disrobing (coat only!) ready to throw it down at a moments notice in case of a stampede?

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