A Pattern of Posts

Well, as I said in my post to celebrate a month of blogging yesterday, I’ve come up with a pattern of future posts in an attempt to organise the content and give some coherence.

So, starting from tomorrow we will have:

  • Monday Munchies (A recipe / food related post)
  • Wednesday Lens Day (Yep…it’s all about photos!)

And either

  • Fadtastic Fridays (showcasing my latest or a past whim)


  • Weekend Whatnows? (Musings, rantings or reviews)

Or both…depending how I feel!

I make no apologies for my love of cheesy word play and alliteration, plus I could quite possibly get bored of this order and change it without warning. So, I guess this is more a note to myself to remember what I’ve decided to do!

Now that I’ve wasted a minute of your time reading my schedule, I thank you and bid you a pleasant day! 🙂 x

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