Void of Rainbows 1: The rakish angles of things close-by

As a faddist photographer, it goes without saying that my choice of subject matter can be equally as changeable. One day, it’ll be all about capturing imaginary cities in the clouds, on another, snapping candid shots of passer-bys.

I’m not very good at the latter, I loiter around furtively, trying to disguise my angle of focus, then generally take a hurried shot that comes out blurred – I’m surprised I’ve not been questioned or had my camera confiscated due to looking so dodgy for absolutely no good reason!

However, whether it’s the heavens, faces or landscapes, I do like a rakish angle! Nothing says ‘I’m pretending to be a professional photographer’ more to me than snapping from an unusual (probably unnecessary) perspective. And along with the fact I’ve not really mastered the lens arts, it generally ends up with me in some solo version of Twister, stood as close as humanly possible to inanimate objects without it appearing like I’m trying to sniff them…

So here’s Void of Rainbows 1 – a small selection of random bits and bobbins, taken from close-by. I’d love to hear what you think đŸ™‚ x

Focus on Fixings
Focus on Fixings

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