Tears from melted Snow

Tears from melted Snow

BEWARE: This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones, S05 – especially the finale! (Oh and maybe a little from the last book…)


Not for a long time have I felt so annoyed, incredulous and well, fairly devastated after watching a TV show. In the final moments, my hands clenched, slowly creeping towards my face to hide me from the horror of what looked inevitable. As the credits rolled, I sat, shaking my head, refusing to process what my eyes had just seen, willing anyone to tell me it wasn’t so. I took to the internet – it was a hoax right? There was an unprecedented  eleventh episode that would cut to a rescue, a dream sequence or a warning in the flames that could be averted in reality. But no, my plot theories thwarted, the newest Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch was no more. Jon Snow lie bleeding out in some bizarre new version of the joke, ‘What’s black, white and red all over?’

However, this cliffhanger ending holds out some hope – and I’m willing to jump on any conspiracy theory bandwagon if it means we can keep the Snow from falling. I’ll even be happy with him shacking up with Elvis, singing karaoke on some Caribbean island if it means he’s not dead!

Having not read past A Clash of Kings, I was not aware this was part of the book plot. I’d like to think that if I do read the rest, Snow’s probable (big Egyptian river, I know) demise would make sense. However, from how the TV show has portrayed him, it’s utter bobbins! Perhaps my judgement is clouded because I like the character so much, but it has always seemed that he was ‘The One’, having some higher importance and reason for rising past his bastard roots. Perhaps this higher importance will still play out, but as it stands, I can’t see him swooping off into the sunset with Danearys, to rule side by side.

bran-stark-160One conspiracy is that Jon will warg into another body and escape death in this way – you remember Bran…the other Stark brother who developed this ability to travel with his mind? The one who warged his way to a tree then seemingly roosted there for an entire season, possibly never to be seen again? Yeah, that ability.

This comes about because in the book, Snow’s last words are ‘Ghost‘, suggesting he calls his direwolf and flits off in its conscience. I hope this isn’t the case because I feel one warg is enough and I’m not sure how exciting it would be depicted on TV.

Another idea is that Melisandre will resurrect him. Yet another deviance from the books, as unlike the TV finale, she doesn’t abandon Stannis in his final hours. Yet she is seen to enter Castle Black, apparently in deep shock. As Snow questions her about Stannis and Davos about Shireen, she wanders past in a daze. We all know her love of royal blood, so I expect she’ll have perked right up by now and season six will begin with her face down in the snow, devouring a bloody slushy through a straw…

It’s all her fault anyway: ‘The Lord of Light has been merciful your Grace, he’s removed the snow.’ (Or whatever she said) Wrong snow love, wrong snow 😦

And what about Team Undead? The parting shot of Hardhome (E8) was one of Jon being eyeballed by the White Walker leader. He seemed to know Jon was something more too…could he return to raise Jon? Will he (we) get to see this Lady Stoneheart?

Kit Harington who plays Snow has said he will not return next season and (horror of horrors) cut his hair. But that doesn’t mean he won’t skip six and return in the seventh run – remember Bran?! Or it could be a massive ruse. Clinging to any shred of hope, Harington apparently recieved no special memento from the set upon leaving, unlike Rose Leslie who portrayed Ygritte. That’s because HE’S COMING BACK!!

Devastation aside, there were some other great moments in the finale;

Stannis had a very bad day. A very, very bad day.

Theon came through to save Sansa, only to take a massive leap of faith with her to safety. Let’s hope the snow is deep!

Brienne, thanks to Pod, had a comedy timing moment, then avenged her Rainbow King’s death.

Jaime finally admitted what everyone knew, his daughter accepted him and then promptly died.maester-varys-160

Varys returned (yay!) and now it seems after weeks of wanting Tyrion to meet Daenerys, he’s staying put to rule Mereen with Varys as ‘Hand of the Hand’ and she’s stuck in a circle pit of Dothraki whilst her ailing flight home sits in a pit of charred leftovers.

Arya went badass, was punished for it and went blind. I hold out hopes she will be GoT’s version of Daredevil…

cersei-lannister-160Cersei. Poor Cersei. As much as I hate the character and think she is in desperate need of comeuppance, the scene that brought a whole new meaning to ‘Walk of Shame’ was uncomfortable to watch, and long, which made it worse. But credit to her keeping that steel jaw together until she reached the Red Keep. Where the Mountain is back up and running. So people CAN be resurrected…

All in all, Tyrion’s first view of a dragon, seeing Old Valyria, the incredible viewing pleasure that was Hardhome, Jorah being loved again, the controversial rape scene that I’d predicted, so never found to be that horrifying, the verbal sparring of Margeary and Cersei  (and Tyrion and Daenerys), Arya getting rid of Needle, saying goodbye to Maester Aemon and anything else I’ve forgotten have made it another season of Game of Thrones that I’ve loved – Bring on next March!!

Don’t know about Dorne though. Apparently that was a thing…

(Images from HBO’s Game of Thrones.)

6 thoughts on “Tears from melted Snow

  1. This was so much fun! I felt the same way( almost all GoT fans) felt the same after Jon’s death. And am still positive somehow he will come back :\ I am all for R+L=J theory and he will come back somehow or the other. Well not as a white walker but some other way :\ And if the series is not planning to get him alive we have the books atleast to hope for. Seems Martin said in one of the interviews, “It’s fairly obvious, because it’s something that involves a couple of characters, one of whom is dead on the show, but not dead in the books. So, the show can’t do this, unfortunately, because they’ve killed a character that I have not killed. But that doesn’t narrow it down much, because at this point, there are like, fifteen characters who are dead in the show who are still alive in the books.”
    What does that mean eh ? O_o Hope ? ❤

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    1. Haha, this was one of my very early posts when I still didn’t really know what I was doing with my blog (not that I’m 100% sure now!)
      I just needed to vent – I’m sure there’ll be a similar one at the end of this season too!
      I do hope there is some way that Jon’s story is not over – despite the amount of main character deaths in the plot, it has always seemed to angle towards him being of great importance. So it was so odd for him to die. As much as I like many of the characters left and wouldn’t want to see them dispatched, I think there’s only Tyrion and Arya who truly rooting for in the sense of ‘winning’ the Game of Thrones. Dany is just taking far too long to sort herself out!

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      1. Heehee..Well I would be there to echo your GoT thoughts from now on 🙂 And yes even I used to think Jon has a vital role but I have always rooted for Daenerys! I want her to get to the throne! She has suffered long enough and I think with the dragons she should be able to conquer the throne.After all Aegon conquered with 3 dragons. Unless HBO/Martin decides to put an end to her 😛 But then what will they do with the dragons? I think Dany will get there in the end.(Part of me hopes to :D) Tyrion and Arya are my fav characters too and I am not sure if Tyrion will get to the throne, though I have a feeling he will stick till the end. Great injustice have been done to the Stark family and if Arya gains the throne, (or any Stark for that matter) that would be the only case that would make me happy other than Dany getting to it.

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      2. I just really wish Drogon had dropped her at the correct side of the ocean in S5, then we might actually see some action from the Mother of Dragons. It’s like she’s been stuck on a farm for an entire season – if you watch Walking Dead, you’ll know what I mean by that!

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  2. I enjoyed your recap and your listing of the important elements of the season. The show ended pretty dire and dour, but I think it was still a solid season of drama and import. I know where in the darkest part of the story. (I hope this is the darkest!!)

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