Nature always finds a way…

Nature always finds a way…

So said Mr. Goldblum to a wide-eyed teenager, staring up at him in his jeep on the big screen, some 22 years ago. And those words have been re-uttered many a time since, in defense of all creatures that have been badly done to by Man.

FullSizeRender(2)Except he didn’t say that did he? He said, “Life, uh, finds a way.” Which doesn’t sound nearly as eloquent or menacing. However, my love for dinosaurs and Jurassic Park in general (and Goldblum’s face), has probably glossed over quite a few plot details, therefore I am ALL KINDS OF EXCITED about going to see Jurassic World sometime this week 😀

The first installment not only fueled my desire to be an archaeologist of some description (Indy had already lit the fire!) but was the first film I went to see in the cinema multiple times. The first two visits were with my mother and we screamed at every roar of the Rex, every screech of the Raptor – I’m sure my mum wet her pants! At the second visit, as ‘seasoned viewers’, we rolled our eyes at the girls who cowered from the beasts coming towards the camera. Pfft! We were back to look at the technical awesomeness of those ‘puppets’! By the third, I was mouthing the lines along with the actors. And as much as I loved the sneezing brachiosaur and Mr.T-Rex, velociraptors will forever be the BEST dinosaur to me. I still use their hunting strategies to adequately describe the form of a winger flanking the opposition in rugby or reference them at anytime I find myself standing in a room of stainless steel. Because that happens a lot of course…

Growing up in the eighties and early nineties, I fell in love with my fair share of (cheesy) blockbusters, adventure films and some say, modern day classics (yet I somehow only saw Goonies and Breakfast Club a couple of years ago – I know, I know…SSssh!) But Jurassic Park is always the one I’ll watch if it pops up on TV. I even loved the sequels, although I maybe blocked some of what I saw from my mind, as I couldn’t tell you their plots, but I know there were pterodactyls!

That aside, a modern day version, especially starring Chris Pratt, gets my vote. Even if it’s bobbins when I’ve watched it, I’ll brainwash myself to think its good, for nostalgia’s sake! But it can’t be bad with Chris Pratt can it? The funny, fit and forever friendly, Starlord?!

I was a fan of Pratt before Guardians of the Galaxy, having watched the fantastic Parks and Recreation. In this, he was the hapless, faithful puppy following Aubrey Plaza’s sullen, anti-people face around until she was ready to at least like one person! In fact, I couldn’t picture him in an action movie at all after this, certainly not one that required ego and swagger. I wasn’t even bothered about seeing Guardians (much to the dismay of S), which is very un-Marvel of me! But my mind was changed once I saw it, not just because of the bulked-up, toned Starlord spouting funnies, but due to it being such a fun film, with a fabulous soundtrack. Can’t deny the new-look Pratt helped though!

But I digress. Back to dinos… He’s taming and herding raptors!! Like, several raptors at once. On a bike!! And what can possibly be worse than a pack of raptors that they have to send in the dino-cavalry to sort it out?!  dino worldI guess I’ll find out in a few days, possibly after back-to-back viewings of its predecessors with a cuppa and Independence Day, Ghostbusters and Back to the Future thrown in for good measure 😀

Oh, and of course, I never became an archeaologist. Another fad (appropriately) buried in the dust…

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