I have a plant named Khaleesi…

I have a plant named Khaleesi…

Probably a slightly odd thing to let the world know as a first post, but as I knocked into her the other day and apologised to the Mother of Dragons, I realised that I, myself, was slightly odd. I was apologising to a PLANT.

Why is she called Khaleesi? Because she’s a dragon palm of course! Plus, I have a healthy obsession with all things Game of Thrones – but I’ll leave that for another post.


I began thinking of all the other plants I’ve named in (and outside) the house and discovered there’s a fictional character / celebrity theme running amok. There’s Bob, the rubber tree plant, after Bob Hope. Mistakenly, I thought he sang ‘High hopes’, with the line, “…oops there goes another rubber tree plant!” But apparently it was ol’ blue eyes, Frank Sinatra. Maybe Frank can be the plant’s middle name…

Then there’s Cotton, after Fearne, UK TV and radio presenter, funny lady and creator of fashion loveliness. (Yes, it’s a fern, I’m nothing if not original!).


Padme – A ‘Princess Amalia’ (sounds like AmiDALA right?), Faulty, a lovely bit of basil, Tyrell, a healthy marjoram bush (‘Throners’ will get this) and Lion (no, not another GoT reference, this is for ‘Parsley the___ ‘ as in children’s 70s/ 80s tv show The Herbs).

Oh, and an area of the garden referred to as Desperate Housewives corner, where the wisteria grows…

But there are many other, nameless beauties, because, like with everything else, naming them was probably a fad! Which makes me quite sad, as I think everything has feelings and I worry I’ve upset them by preventing them monikers. Told you I was a bit strange!

So do you name your plants, aside from the common / latin names they’re given? Or anything else unusual you feel necessary to personify? Do share if you do, so I don’t feel quite as bonkers!

Haylee x

6 thoughts on “I have a plant named Khaleesi…

  1. I enjoyed reading your first post, 6 months after the fact. I was drawn to your blog because of the faddy part. I have a tendency to get really interested in something, buy all the paraphernalia for it, and then drop it. Example: my Indian cooking phase. I took a class in Hindi and the teacher had us to her house for home made Indian food. I immediately went out and bought all the esoteric ingredients to make my own curry, several cookbooks, a special naan pan, etc, etc. Once I found out how hard it was, splooosh….dropped……I have often felt very bad about myself because of this. But then, to find a fellow faddist, well, fabulous. I think it is is because the world just has so many wonderful things and I want them all. I sense that about you. So, I say, after reading this first post, congratulations you are onto your sixth month of it!!! I know how hard it can be to keep up.

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    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement! I think you’ve hit the nail though – just too many amazing things in the world to try out. It’s probably a good job that money and time restraints mean I am a little more selective in my whims these days but it doesn’t stop me WANTING! Wow, learning Hindi… I love languages but I’ve not been brave enough to venture into the realms of those that have an entirely different alphabet. I’d have been the same though, wanting to immerse myself in the whole experience 🙂


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